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As your child approaches kindergarten age, you’re wondering about the best fit for their budding personality and inquisitive spirit. You’re looking for an environment that will teach key academic fundamentals, but also capture their imagination so they continue to love learning. You want a school where your child will be seen and known, as well as a place where they’ll learn about the Bible and see Christian values modeled every day.

Located in a safe, quiet neighborhood in Midland Park, New Jersey, Eastern Christian School’s kindergarten is designed to provide little learners with a solid academic, social, emotional, and spiritual foundation as they prepare for first grade. Below you’ll find a brief overview of our flexible half and full day programs. For a more detailed view of how our kindergartners spend their days, please download our A Day in the Life of a Kindergartner e-book.

Educational Approach
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Educational Approach

Kindergarten is a time of exploration, wonder, and preparation. Five year olds are little sponges, soaking up information and learning from their experiences. In addition to learning math, reading, and writing, it’s also an important time to practice the skills they’re going to need in elementary school and beyond — communication, relationship building, problem solving, self-discipline, and self-regulation.

Our kindergarten classrooms use a developmental model — we get to know your child’s learning style and, based on their unique needs, we’re able to teach social and emotional skills alongside academics. Kindergarten days are filled with fun and joy — lots of movement, music, and play — as well as time for calm and quiet. It’s the perfect balance of independent instruction and small group collaboration.

Parents need options.

Our kindergarten program meets the needs of even the busiest of families:

Flexible Scheduling Options

  • Monday – Friday, 8:20am – 3:00pm
  • Full/Half day combination — parents can choose half days on Tuesday and/or Thursday, 8:20am-11:45am

Before and After School Care

  • Before care begins at 7:00am
  • After care ends at 6:00pm

Come see why so many northern New Jersey families choose Eastern Christian’s kindergarten program.

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“We love the fact that our children get to hear about God everyday at school. The Bible instructs us in Deuteronomy 6:7 to teach the word of God to our children when we sit at home and when we walk along the road, when we lie down and when we get up. Since they spend about seven hours at school each day, we are grateful that they do not miss out on hearing God’s word during this period. Our faith and love for God as a community also unifies us and this helps to bridge cultural differences. We have been blessed with genuine friends.”

Stella and Eric Osae-Twum

A Challenging Curriculum Taught With Differentiated Instruction

With two teachers in each kindergarten classroom, our low student-to-teacher ratio of 10:1 helps keep the focus where it matters most — on the students and their needs. Our kindergarten curriculum is academically challenging and designed for maximum engagement.

For language development, we use Fundations, which takes a multisensory approach to everything from phonemic awareness to comprehension. We incorporate techniques from the Center for the Collaborative Classroom for proficiency in reading and writing. enVision Math uses visual models to help simplify complex concepts for better comprehension and retention. Social studies is taught via TCI and Science via Mystery Science, both of which bring content to life through interactive, immersive experiences. Bible is taught through Walking with God and His People, which brings God’s word to life through activities and crafts. 

Social Emotional Learning

Each of our kindergarten classrooms is nurtured and inspired by two caring teachers. One of the many benefits of two teachers in each kindergarten classroom is they’re able to better recognize specific needs in their students and to teach developmentally appropriate coping strategies. Dedicated time for small group activities throughout the day helps students practice skills that are critical for continued success in school, such as sharing, taking turns, sitting still, and not interrupting. Time for independent activities helps foster self-reliance and improve self-regulation.

We Keep Christ at the Center

In addition to studying God’s word, kindergartners are able to watch and learn from their teachers and the Eastern Christian community. Our dedicated teachers are motivated by their faith, which fuels them with love, peace, and grace every day. They model healthy relationships and kindness, and they share the knowledge that God made us, knows us, and loves us.

Age Appropriate Technology Use

As technology continues to be a prominent tool for learning and living, Eastern Christian kindergartners use it responsibly and under the guidance of their teachers. Promethean Boards are in every classroom, making interactive instruction accessible to all students. iPads are used in focused, small groups for short periods of time for differentiated skill practice.

Meet a Teacher

Ms. Jessica Turan


B.S. in Childhood Education, Nyack College;
M. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, Trauma and Resilience in Educational Settings

Teaching Experience:
5 Years at Eastern Christian School

“I love that kindergarten is the time to learn all of the skills that make life wonderful — how to persevere, solve a problem, ask for help, make a new friend, and a thousand other little things that we grownups take for granted. Kindergartners have the most creative and thoughtful ideas, and I learn from my students every day!”


We’d love to answer your questions as you search for the right kindergarten for your little learner.

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